Join The Insanity Ads Club

Half Price Membership Promo Extended Until May 1st.
This Is Our Exclusive Revenue Sharing Club.

This Is Not For Everyone. There Are No Ads To Click. No Links To Promote.
This Is Just For People Who Want To Invest In Insanity Ads
And Make A Few Extra Bucks Doing So.

*Keep In Mind That If You Decide To Register You Have 3 Days To Upgrade.
Please Dont Register Unless You Plan To Participate.

Revenue Sharing Details:

 Ad Packs Cost $10 Each Jr. Investor Sr. Investor Vip Investor
Daily Earnings Percentage 3.00% A Day 3.00% A Day 3.00% A Day
Total Earning Days 40 Days 45 Days 50 Days
Total Percentage Earned 120% ROI 135% ROI 150% ROI
Max Ad Packs Allowed 200 500 Unlimited
Days Between Withdrawals 30 Days 15 Days 7 Days
Club Member Price $24.00 $12/A Year $48.00 $24/A Year $72.00 $36/A Year

Everything Else You Need To Know About The Club Is On The Club Website.
Click Here If You Are Interested In Joining.
Read The Club FAQ's Here