Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Basic Terms & Conditions?
  • Your sites load in 10 seconds or under.
  • Your sites do not contain any pop up windows.
  • Your sites do not contain any alert message boxes.
  • Your sites do not contain any hidden Iframes or self starting crypto miners.
  • Your sites do not contain inappropriate content.
  • Your sites do not contain any CPM Ads.
  • Your sites do not break out of the surf frame.
  • Your account will be Deleted if not used for 45 days.
  • Your account will be Deleted if it causes our traffic exchange system any problems.
  • You are not allowed to have more than one account.
  • Creating fake referral accounts is a violation of our terms.

We Have A STRICT No Cheating Policy...Do not try to use different ip addresses either!
If Our Software Detects Foul Play Your Account Will Be Removed Immediately "NO QUESTIONS ASKED'!!!

2. Can I Pay For A Yearly Membership?

Yes you can. You can also receive a discount when you do.
More info on our upgrade page inside.

3. Why Has My Withdrawal Been Canceled?

One of the most common reasons your cashout has been canceled 
is because you already used your 1 cashout as a free member.
For more info on that Click Here.
There could be another reason why it was cancelled and we will
contact you when & if that happens.

4. Why Cant I Convert My Points?

As of April 1st, only upgraded members can earn points.

5. Where Is The Chatroom?

The chatroom is not free and since there wasnt much interest in it,
we decided to close it until further notice.s

6. What Are The Links To Your Telegram?

Click Here To Join The Telegram Group.
Click Here To Join The Telegram Channel.

7. Why Has My Website Been Marked Inactive?

If your website is marked inactive it is because it was reported as not loading correctly in the exchange.
Most likely it doesnt work in an iframe.
You will want to replace it with another one.

8. Are You A Real Business, & Where Are You Based?

Yes. We are based out of the United States.
Marketing Moguls LLC
3603 SW Sunset Trace Cir.
Palm City, Fl. 34990

9. How Do I Earn Points?
  Silver Members Gold Members Founding Members
Points Per Referral 1 2 3
Points Per PTC View 1 2 3
Points Per
Dollar Deposited
1 2 3
Points Per
PTSU Offer
1 2 3
Points Per
Ad Grid Ad View
1 2 3
10. Why Have Some Of My Referrals Been Removed?

Accounts that do not login for at least 45 days, are deleted from the database.
Also, new members have 2 days to verify the account or its removed.
This is normal and will free up space for active members in your downline.

11. How Often Do I Need To Login To Prevent My Account From Being Closed?

You need to log in at least once per 45 days to prevent your account being closed.
Account closure is irreversible and all balances will be forfeited.

12. Do I Need To View PTC Ads To Earn From My Referrals?

No, you do not.

13. Are There Any Requirements To Cashout My Earnings?

- You must have the minimum amount in your balance depending on the processor you choose.
- You must be an upgraded member AFTER your 1st withdrawal. That means Free members can only 
request a withdrawal 1 time. After that if you would like to continue earning money here, you must upgrade
to receive any more payouts.

14. Why Cant I Upgrade Using Any Payment Processors Besides Stripe?

You can. You need to deposit funds to your account using paypal, zelle, cashapp or bitcoin first.
After the funds are in your account, you can then use them to upgrade using your "Purchase Balance"
Remember though, adding funds via bitcoin, cashapp & zelle is a manual process.
Please be patient.

15. Why Do I Keep Getting The Same Coupon Code?

This is a manual bonus cash page system.
We will be adding more coupon codes as we get more members.
It is possible to receive a coupon code more than once while surfing the exchange.
Keep in mind, you can only redeem a code once tho.

16. How Long Does It Take For A Deposit To Post?

Stripe & Paypal are processed instantly.
Airtm, Zelle, Cashapp & Bitcoin deposits are processed manually. Usually within a few hours.
(Remember we are on EST time.)

17. Can I Have More Than 1 Account?

No, you are only allowed 1 account per ip address.

18. Are The Referrals We Buy Guaranteed To Be Active?

Old Rule Of Thumb:
At the time of purchase, these referrals have made at least 10 clicks in the last 7 days.

New Referral Purchases:
As of April 1st ALL referral purchases are NOT guaranteed to be active.
We have significantly reduced the price because of this factor.
Please DO NOT buy referrals if you are not willing to take a gamble on them. 

19. Can I Advertise My 300x250 Banner Ad On The Homepage?

Yes. Contact us if you would like to advertise your 300x250 square banner on the home page.
We have 3 slots available at the moment. Left slot (Slot 1), Middle slot (Slot 2) & Right slot (Slot 3).
Each slot costs $20 a month.

We currently have a half off deal for your 1st time purchase.
Get your banner ad for $10/mo until you cancel.

We use Stripe for our monthly subscriptions.

20. Can I Rent Or Buy Referrals?

You can buy referrals but we do not rent them.

21. Can I Target My Audience At All?

Yes. You can target your ads by country and/or by membership levels.

22. What Are My Advertising Options?

We have quite a few ways for you to advertise here at Insanity Ads.
We offer banner ads, texts ads, ad grid, login surf ads, login banner ads, paid to signup, paid to click ads, & traffic exchange ads!

23. How Much Can I Earn From The Traffic Exchange?

All members earn $0.01 for every 100 pages you view every 24 hours.
~ PLUS ~
All members earn an extra $0.02 for every 250 total pages you view every 24 hours.
You can earn up to $0.03 every day!

Bronze members earn 1 Credit for every 2 pages viewed.
Silver members earn 1 Credit for every page viewed.
Gold members earn 1.5 Credits for every page viewed.
Founders earn 2 Credits for every page viewed.

24. Why Are There No Ads To Click?

If there are no ads to click that is because they have expired.
When someone else advertises, there will be more ads.
You can ALWAYS surf the traffic exchange to earn cash & credits daily though!

25. Why Dont You Accept Payeer Or Perfect Money?

We are USA residents. It is not possible.
They do not allow us to have an account. Sorry.

26. Why Has My Account Been Suspended?

There are many reasons why your account could be suspended.
Most likely you have violated our terms of service in one way or another.

If our cheat software finds you to have more than 1 account,
your account will be locked without any chance of getting it back.

Making fake refferal accounts is a violation of our terms.
You will be suspended immediately.

This is not up for debate. The sofware DOES NOT make mistakes.
Do not waste your time emailing us about will be ignored.

27. How Long Does It Take To Receive My Withdrawal?

Payments are made daily & usually within 24 hours.
Please be patient if your withdrawal falls on the weekend or holidays.

28. What Is The Minimum Amount For Withdrawals?
Withdrawal Options Paypal Zelle Cashapp Amazon
eGift Cards
Bronze Members $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00
Silver Members $4.00 $5.00 $5.00 $4.00 $4.00
Gold Members $3.00 $5.00 $5.00 $3.00 $3.00
Founders $2.00 $5.00 $5.00 $2.00 $2.00
29. What Payment Processors Do You Accept?

We currently accept Airtm, Paypal, Zelle, Bitcoin, Cashapp & Stripe for Deposits.
We currenlty process withdrawals via Airtm, Paypal, Cashapp, & Zelle!